chair massage technique and benifits

5 Fantastic Chair Massage Techniques and Benefits

Chair massage is becoming increasingly popular as a way to relieve stress and physical tension. Chair massage is becoming increasingly popular due to its many benefits. Whether you’re a professional looking for new chair massage techniques to offer your clients, or someone looking for an easy way to relax and de-stress in their own home, this article will explore five fantastic chair massage techniques and the associated health benefits. Keep reading to learn more!

The first chair massage technique is spine working.

This is the most common technique we recommend not to push directly on the spine during the massage, but you will work all the muscles around the spine, from the neck down.

Along the side of your spine are called, the erector spinae is group and these muscles are responsible for holding this up all day. And so they’re going to get very tired and tight on everybody. So they’re very effective to work and you can do. 

So with a flat Palm pushing in, you can make a knuckle and push in with the knuckle for deeper pressure or you can start to twist your hands and Knuckles to create both pushing and polling feel on the muscles.

Make sure to go slow and take your time, sinking into their back muscles and up. Around the shoulder blades. You can even work further out to the edge and actually Target some of the rotator cuffs there, deltoid more of their traps. And once again their lats and Terry’s group, this is a fantastic warm-up move as well as an awesome transition move, when you’re going to be transitioning between the body parts.

Technique two is neck working

we have the neck work and the upper shoulder and trap work. This chair massage technique is really effective when you move your body to stand in front of the chair. And then use pressure in your whole body weight to push their traps into the base of their neck, the suboccipital ‘s, and use your fingers and Knuckles to warm up the whole neck as well. 

The muscles at the top of the shoulder as everyone knows carry a lot of stress. Is responsible for a lot of headaches and they’re constantly bringing our shoulders up to our ears. So any compression works either with your knuckles with your flat Palm squeezing and rocking their shoulders as you do it or more specifically finger work and knuckle work.

All of that compression and petrissage is going to be a very effective move and it’s going to feel really awesome. You can also step to the side and do more. A Civic petrissage and trigger point hold on their neck. Targeting it from a different angle alleviates more stress and gets rid of more knots. If you’re confident in your ability to use forearms and elbows, this is also a great area to throw in a nice forearm hold or an elbow. Hold for some really deep muscle work. And people love that. 

chair massage technique three is Lower back working

Be sure to quickly stop by and work down in their lower back. Particularly a sacrum Shake, use your thumbs and rub circles right around the sides of the sacrum. You can use your fingertips or the flat part of your thumb, the thumb pad, all of these areas, give a nice specific pinpoint, feel that helps to alleviate the low back tendons around the sac.

 Um and the low back ql muscles. Also, feel free to use either a flat Palm or Knuckles and work into the hips and the glutes a little bit because those are often also tight and you’ll never be able to alleviate low back pain if you don’t work their hips and glutes as well so give a nice shake. Give some specific work there and then do a bit of hip and glute work before moving on. 

Number four is to make sure to work their arm.

Don’t forget about the arm dangles that are on their side, start with the deltoids working down, and just squeeze the biceps and triceps, squeezing both sides in between your palm, and then work down into the forearms. Target their flexors and extensors. 

The brachioradialis muscle runs up the thumb side of the forearm. Make sure to do a combination of effleurage and petrissage, which is the lifting and squeezing of the muscles. But also feel free to do some traction and assisted range of motion with them. You can do a pin and stretch where you pin down there for muscles and then move their wrist. 

You can spread the Palmar fascia in their hands and on that note make sure to go down and work for their hands. Everyone has tension in their hands. Make sure your target both the thenar and hypothenar Eminence, which is your thumb and Pinky pad.

Give their fingers a nice little Pole to get some traction. They’re spread out all of the connective tissue and for any area that feels tight, just spend some good time giving it some TLC. People are going to appreciate the extra work, you spend on their arms and hands a little bit can really make your massage go the extra mile.

The last technique is the Head scalp

Make sure to end off with an amazing head and scalp massage. I recommend this in almost every one of my chair massage technique articles at the end of every message. People love their heads. So as long as they are okay with messing up their hair, slowly work up from the base of the neck, hit the suboccipital ‘s, and then work into the head and scalp, play around with your Tempo and your timing, but keep the pressure relatively consistent. 

So you can start by going Going a little bit slower, you can do all four fingers. you can do a thumb, and anytime you can do the entire palm of your hand doing a nice rhythmic vibration, and then, you can switch up the timing going, a little slower, and then a little quicker, and then going really fast. And then stopping and just doing a holding play around with the timing. See what works for you. But I guarantee you the whole entire head massage. Will work for them.  also, we write about different types of body massage and differences between spa and massage

And that’s it. Guys, thank you so much for reading. I hope this article helped you out and learn some good chair massage techniques. 


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