Swedish And Deep Tissue Massage

The Difference Between Swedish and Deep Tissue Massage

What should I not say to my massage therapist? The difference between Swedish and deep tissue massage. Swedish massage uses long strokes and light-to-firm pressure to provide gentle relaxation. Deep tissue massage is a more forceful type of massage used for conditions such as chronic pain or injuries. They vary mainly in the amount of pressure used.

Sometimes a tension headache can trigger a chain reaction, making you tenser and making your headache worse. Massage is a great way to relieve tension and reduce the frequency of your tension headaches.
In this blog, we will look at the difference between Swedish and Deep tissue massage. If you’ve ever said to yourself: ‘I wish they explained massage like this before I tried it!’ then this blog is for you.

About Swedish Massage

Swedish massage will be first technique. The most popular type of massage is Swedish. It is the one you think of when you think of spas. It’s a really soothing massage that relieves stress.

Who is Swedish Massage good for?

Swedish massages are similar to those that help you reach a state of zen. It’s nice to have one. It’s ideal for folks who are busy and especially useful for those who spend the entire day standing. Or someone who spends all day in an office working at a computer with poor posture.

Anyone who is extremely stressed out or even just a little bit tense needs to relax, and it is incredibly helpful for them. They benefit from it as well.

Swedish massage technique

So you can create these massages by using particular techniques things as vibrating, rubbing, kneading, and open-hand sweeping movements called effleurage. They’re all very good techniques to really create that nice relaxed feel.

you can treat muscle tension with a Swedish massage. It as much as it is very relaxing as long as you communicate with your therapist. If you have problem areas that you want them to work on, you can get them to just concentrate more on that area but the overall objective of a Swedish massage is just to make sure that you’re completely relaxed.

So it’s very much an experienced massage. It has got physical benefits as well. So the message is there to promote blood flow. What the massage therapist is doing is kind of really getting that blood flow to circle and circulate around the body. We’re flushing out any bad toxins and just getting rid of those. It’s physically beneficial as well as mentally beneficial. 

About Deep Tissue Massage

Whereas deep tissue massage now is predominantly for sports injuries. A lot of athletes have them. Footballers have them very often, it’s a very regular treatment for them. It’s great for people that work out regularly. Who is putting a lot of strain on their muscles and they’re very tight. Very similar movements and techniques but it’s a deeper pressure. The therapist is working deeper into the muscle.


So it’s not so much the experience for that massage. It’s more the physical benefits that you get with that one. that’s both messages and I have a few questions. Here is actually what you guys have asked so firstly we’ll start with

I want a massage to help my distress and reduce my anxiety. Which one should I go for?

I would suggest for this particular client definitely the Swedish massage like I said not only is it physically beneficial. But it’s also mentally beneficial because of that stress-releasing obviously, anxiety is quite stressful for some people. So it’s great with the light pressure and putting you in that kind of zen moment just letting everything float away. I think that would be the Swedish massage for that particular person. 

Also not only that with the Swedish massage, but you can also have essential oils as well added and they can be uplifting. They can be relaxing, 

They are pretty much tailored to each individual customer and client, and to get the best massage for them and the results that they want from that massage. Lavender is a really good one to help relax the customer. That can be used as well. Definitely Swedish massage for that particular customer.

I am pregnant. can I get a massage?

yes, you can definitely get a massage of course it’s quite recommended actually. You’re gonna be finding new aches and pains and probably a few emotions and things and stress. So that would be a lovely one to get definitely. The only thing we do suggest with pregnancy is the first trimester where we’re circulating the blood flow around the body it can make you a little bit dizzy.

We tend to just wait until you’ve had the first trimester out of the way. And as of four months pregnant you tend to not be able to lay on your front. The therapist will adapt your positioning to make sure that you and the baby are healthy. You just need to communicate with your therapist and make sure that they know that you are pregnant and make sure that you feel comfortable in the position that you are going to be in for the massage.

The most important thing is that you are comfortable. So yeah definitely still have a massage if you’re pregnant. That’s absolutely fine.

What do you wear during a Swedish massage?

We tend to recommend underwear because you’re gonna be massaging onto the skin. So you can’t really have clothing in the way. and it can include oils.  That is also why we recommend dr undressing down to the underwear. The most important thing is that you feel comfortable, if you’re a little bit anxious about that we can pop towels over you. We can also put some tissue to protect your clothing from the oils that are used in the massage. 

If you feel comfortable getting massage services at your own home. Then you can prepare a nice comfortable dressing gown.  You don’t even have to get dressed that day. You know that’s quite nice for you, you’re in the comfort of your own home. So that’s a really nice extra for you.

How do I prepare for a massage appointment?

The fact that you’re in your own home you can make the room temperature perfect for you. You don’t want to be too warm, you don’t want to be too cold. You’re just going to make that and set the room up exactly how you want it. And you can be in a dressing gown all ready for your therapist to set up and start work on you straight away.

That’s really nice, the other thing we suggest is maybe not to eat a huge meal before your massage appointment. It can get a bit uncomfortable on the stomach if you’re working on that. So we suggest a nice light meal to keep your body really hydrated. Drink lots of water prior to your treatment but also have water after your treatment as well because that will prolong the benefits physical benefits of your massage throughout the rest of the day hydration is key.

With the circulation of blood flow and flushing out those toxins hydration is gonna really help boost all the physical benefits that you get from the massage. That is really important as well. But in saying that don’t drink alcohol before your appointment as well because alcohol does contain some nasty stuff in it, toxins and things like that. So we don’t want to be encouraging that around the body so you want to keep it all nice and healthy. 

Wear loose clothing but like I said you would be able to wear a dressing gown as well ready for your appointment.  I hope that’s helped. that’s the difference between the Swedish massage and the deep tissue massage. If I’ve missed anything and you have any more questions just pop them in the comments below and we’d love to get back to you.

What should I not say to my massage therapist?

There are some things you should refrain from mentioning to your massage therapist since they could make the session uncomfortable or less enjoyable.
First, refrain from talking too much while getting a massage because doing so may cause the therapist to become distracted and lose focus.

Second, avoid making any requests that would violate the therapist’s ethical standards, including requesting a more private massage.

Third, refrain from changing while the therapist is still present.
Finally, refrain from bringing up any delicate or private subjects while getting a massage because doing so could make the therapist uncomfortable. Please postpone any queries or worries until after the massage.

What should you not do before a Swedish massage?

You should steer clear of a few things before getting a Swedish massage.

First, avoid eating a substantial meal. You don’t want to be overly full, but a little dinner or snack is acceptable.
Second, refrain from drinking alcohol prior to the massage. Alcohol might affect the message and lessen its impact.
Finally, before to the massage, you shouldn’t apply any lotions or oils on your skin. There is no need for you to add anything extra because the massage therapist will use oil or lotion during the session.

What are the disadvantages of a Swedish massage?

Despite the many advantages of a Swedish massage, there may also be some disadvantages.
First, before obtaining a Swedish massage, those with specific medical conditions should avoid it or speak with a doctor. These conditions include being pregnant, having recently undergone surgery, having a blood issue, or having cancer. Additionally, some people might be allergic to the Swedish massage oils used since they are sensitive to them.

Finally, those who have arthritis or other illnesses that cause discomfort or stiffness in the joints may not be a good candidate for the lengthy, flowing strokes of a Swedish massage.

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