Best Types of Foot Massage -Techniques, Benefits, Pressure Points

Massage Therapy. And today we’re going to be discussing different types of foot massage. One of the most common types you may have heard of is reflexology. Reflexology basically indicates that they talk about that the foot is a reflection of the body and the toe is the head. Your sinus points are at the end of each toe. Your spine runs along the edge of the foot here. 


Intestinal stuff is here. Sciatic pain can be addressed through the heel. Eyes and nose are up here. So different types of the body are reflected as a mirror in the foot.

So if you have something going on digestively, but you can’t rub on the belly, then you can rub this part of the foot and that can help. So that’s one type of massage that you can do on the foot. The other is just a relaxing foot rub. where you come in and just relax, nice even work on the foot. You can also do a hot stone massage on the foot.


Get smaller stones that you would work with that are heated up and rub those stones into the foot down through here. Does a lot towards releasing any maybe possible fasciitis issues that somebody might have and just relaxing the feet in general. Then you have the therapeutic work where somebody has specific pain issues going on.


You would go in and work on those specific areas on the foot to give relief for those pain areas.

So those are the types of massage you can do on the feet.

Reflexology, therapeutic, relaxing and hot stone.

So when you’re working on the feet, enjoy it and have fun.


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